H006 Aged Bronze Wrought Iron Double Front Doors,100''x76''[In Stock]

$4,999.00 $8,999.00

1.Material:Hand-forged using 12 gauge steel and 5/8 inch scroll work,they are pre hung and tested for quality assurance.

2.Frame:6'' Brackets on door jamb allow for easy installation.

3.Glass:Clear Int.,+Clear Ext.(5mm+9A+5mm=19mm thickness).

Operational hinged tempered double-pane glass is hinged and opens for ease of ventilation and cleaning.

The operable glass is held and released with a latch.

They are primed and painted with a faux finish. There are no visible welds.

Heavy duty foam weather stripping is installed on all doors to prevent leaks.

4.Color: No.12 Aged Bronze

5.Insulation:our doors are injected with polyurethane foam for insulation.

5.Hinges:Heavy duty ball bearing hinges can each hold 1000 pounds of weight.


Our steel thresholds slopes down making sure water is flowing away outside, maintaining frame integrity during shipping and Installation.

8.Handle & Lock(Optional): F10-US10B,Entry Lock & Dummy Lock. Doors are pre-drilled for handles and locks.

9.Openning Way: Right hand active;Inward

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