MPB006,Exterior Front Entry Iron Double Door, Accept Custom Size and Color

$5,999.00 $10,999.00

Default Size:99.5''x64.5''

Default Color:Matt Black

Default Glass:Lowe Double Glass Clear Int.,+Rainstorm Ext.

**We accept custom color and size,any other requirements please send them to [email protected], we will send drawing to you within 48 business hours for your comfirm.

1.Material:Hand-forged using 12 gauge steel and 5/8 inch scroll work,they are pre hung and tested for quality assurance.

2.Jamb&Frame:Thickness:2''*6''(equal to 50*150mm).Brackets on door jamb allow for easy installation.

3.Default Glass:Lowe Double Glass Clear Int.,+Rainstorm Ext.(5mm+9A+5mm=19mm thickness).

Accept Custom Glass.Operational hinged tempered double-pane glass is hinged and opens for ease of ventilation and cleaning.The operable glass is held and released with a latch.

They are primed and painted with a faux finish. There are no visible welds.

Heavy duty foam weather stripping is installed on all doors to prevent leaks.

4.Insulation:Our doors are injected with polyurethane foam for insulation.

5.Hinges:Heavy duty ball bearing hinges can each hold 1000 pounds of weight.

6.Thresholds:2''thickness.Our steel thresholds slopes down making sure water is flowing away outside, maintaining frame integrity during shipping and installation.

7.Handle & Lock(Optional): F10-US10B,Entry Lock & Dummy Lock. Doors are pre-drilled for handles and locks.

8.Openning Way:Right hand active;Inward

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